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I Swear I Heard The Night Talking (Elton John)

Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin In the nicotine glare of a cold naked light I drag my body from the covers and down forty flights I run out the front door into the center of the street I scream out your name as the steam just swells around my feet I hear you after midnight from the inner city As every Cinderella turns to drop dead pretty We were built out of the darkness into this West Side Story We came together in the shadows but the moon just steals our glory Well this is my battleground baby This is my plaything The only thing I've ever known Outside of a wedding ring And I swear I heard the night talking Cursing me for being a little more than hopeless Telling me we're running lonely, loose and broken Stronger now on passion but haven't we really spoken And all we ever do is listen to the night talking On the burden of insanity we can't find the cause On a flatbed truck well the home girl she paints her claws There's a coward who gets his courage undercover of the dark And it's a strange breed of devil freeze at night to go walking in the park