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It's Tough To Be A God (Elton John)

Music by Elton John Lyrics by Tim Rice From the soundtrack "The Road To El Dorado" I hardly think I'm qualified To come across all sanctified I just don't cut it with the cherubim Tulio, what are you talking about There again they're on their knees Being worshipped is a breeze Which rather suits us in the interim Interim, interim, it's me and him It's tough to be a God Tread where mortals have not trod Be deified when really you're a sham Be an object of devotion Be the subject of psalms It's a rather touching notion All those prayers and those salaams And who am I to bridle if I'm forced to be an idol If they say that I'm a God, that's what I am What's more, if we don't comply With the locals' wishes I can see us being sacrificed or stuffed Yes, you have a really good point there So let's be Gods, the perks are great Yeah El Dorado on a plate Local feelings should not be rebuffed Never rebuff, never rebuff the local feeling, no my friend It's tough to be a God But if you get the people's nod Count your blessings, keep them sweet, that's our advice Be a symbol of perfection Be a legend, be a cult Take their praise, take a collection As the multitudes exalt Don a supernatural habit We'd be crazy not to grab it You got it So sign up two new Gods for paradise Paradise