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I've Seen The Saucers (Elton John)

Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Tune in, wouldn't it be something Rumours spreading into panic I've seen movements in the clearing Someone sent you something satanic I have to leave you, radar's calling Outside somebody landed Crazy wavelengths leave you helpless Oh don't forget me I'm so stranded I wouldn't fool you but I've seen the saucers So many times I'm almost in tune Watching them flying in formation Thinking how I could be so immune I've seen them I've been there with them I can tell you all you want to know Something touched me and I was only sleeping Wouldn't you, wouldn't you like to go Stars climbing into their planets Systems won, controlled from birth Empty living on this highway Can you see me mother earth It's so endless whirling onwards Wonder what's cooking at home tonight Maybe if I promise not to say a word They can get me back before the morning light