Just Like Noah's Ark (Elton John)

Just Like Noah's Ark Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin It's just like Noah's ark There's two of every kind Pretty girls and boys in drag Walking a fine thin line Shaking hands and bussing cheeks Licking their lips like they could eat Me alive in a couple of weeks Yea just like Noah's ark Italiano promotion men Chomping a big cigar Slapping backs and making cracks About the fags in the bar Radio boss dipping his nose in a little white packet You put it out son and we'll all back it Yea it's just like Noah's ark chorus: And the waves are crashing round us But we're ready for the flood And we don't need a sign like an olive branch In the beak of a snow white dove We're not as dumb as we might look You can't keep us in the dark With me and you it's two by two just like Noah's ark These four walls have seen The Cockettes and the Casters From San Francisco to Ohio I've seen beauty and disaster Cocky young roosters and little chicks Flashing smiles, shaking them hips Trying to hook it up for the late night shift Here in Noah's ark [repeat chorus] And we wrote it as we saw it from the centre of the stage All access to the liars who claim they wrote a page But for every tiny dancer there's a dog that's had its day The truth is never quite the same as what the papers say [repeat chorus]