Love Is Worth Waiting For (Elton John)

Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin You and I we live in modern times And every day we face another to climb It's easy to ignore this pain we read about This sickness only happens in someone else's house You don't need to hear another voice You don't want this pressure, love should be your choice But if it's love hang on 'til you're sure Don't jump into the fire before you know the score Hey love, love is worth waiting for Oh love, love is worth waiting for Take time to know them Take time to be sure 'Cause love, love is worth waiting for It's so hard playing by the rules The night is what you make it, but the payoff can be cruel We believe we're safe from the hands of fate But reckless love these days can be your last mistake Don't chance it if it's easy Don't push it if they might That risk you'd like to take