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Medicine Man (Elton John)

Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin We look at the table And we look at the time We see a short fuse burning We're standing on a land mine You look at the cold soup I look at the grey wall I see a red flag burning Yeah, man we need a Santa Claus Down on the homeless avenue Down among the rocks and stones The cradle falls but the buck stops here Let's think about their hearts and bones And we all need a medicine man All need a medicine man Don't we need a medicine man His shake and his rattle and his helping hand See the meat of a nation On the back of a truck I think we're waste in a dumpster Hey sorry kid it's tough luck She was adorable And he was a good boy They were inseparable Yeah bitten by the cold war Rags on the shapes of millions Tears among the cuts and blows The backbone snaps and the kids can't dance