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Old '67 (Elton John)

Hey how about this A little conversation tonight Thinking aloud how we struggled to find Our place in the dizzy heights Don't often do this We never really get the chance Nearly froze to death on Oxford Street Now we're sitting in the South of France Talking through the evening It's good to shoot the breeze Just you and me on a balcony And cicadas singing in the trees [Chorus:] Old '67 what a time it was What a time of innocence, what a time we've lost Raise a glass and have a laugh, have a laugh or two Here's to old '67 and an older me and you Sentimental twilight Conversing on those virgin days Laughing about how the two of us sound Like a Tennessee Williams play Honest, it's amazing That we can get together at all For in between the saddle and the grand piano We can read the writing on the wall Talking through the evening Sitting here side by side Just you and me on a balcony It's a little bit funny this feeling inside [Chorus]