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Old Friend (Elton John)

Duet with Nik Kershaw Written by Nik Kershaw I want to be good, I want to be strong But I treated him bad, I've done him wrong I've taken his money, I'm given him hell And he takes it all 'cause he knows me well We can say what we mean and mean what we say We don't like to mess around But we're there to hold each other up When we're falling down Just like an old friend Putting me on my feet again Giving me back my pride then Letting me go Just like an old friend Putting me in my place again Giving me back my hope then Letting me know that he's an old friend I don't suffer no fools *I testify* But he must be one for being by my side I've broken his heart I've shaken his tree But still he doesn't want anything from a fool like me We won't talk for a year or two Maybe when we do we won't say much Even so we know that out of mind is never out of touch We're having a man-to-man Don't want to get sentimental But both of us understand We'll never have to say goodbye, just see you later