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Sara's Coming Back (Elton John)

Written by Paul Raymond and Tony Murray Just got the price in my pocket for a one course meal My shoes are tilting over to an angle at the heel I should be feeling sorry for myself and I may But I've got a little happiness, I know she's gone away Sara's coming back to me, yes she is To take away my suffering and pain Sara's coming back to me, yes she is To show me that the good times will be here once again She's got the face of an angel and a heart made of gold She's got me feeling like a spy that came in from the cold Now I can shout about it, that's the way that I feel 'Cause Sara's coming back to me, she's coming back for real Now I know that I wasn't very kind to her before 'Cause I was staying out at night, I guess it made her sore And there were times that I thought she'd left me for good