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Sixteenth Century Man (Elton John)

Music by Elton John Lyrics by Tim Rice From the soundtrack "The Road To El Dorado" Oh it's great to see our homeland Breathe the Iberian atmosphere Just because we are Hispanic Doesn't mean we're oceanic Quite frankly we've had water up to here We've nade waves to last a lifetime We've been saturated, almost drowned We are Spanish not Caribbean We are human, not amphibian We'll seek our fortunes on Spain's solid ground There's no future in the new world Only fools believe the tales Of the gold of El Dorado Only suckers set their sails We have seen the way the tide is turning We see what no sailor can We are in the ball, discerning We're anit-diluvian Sixteenth century man Two very fine examples of Sixteenth, sixteenth century man There are women who are lining Every avenue in every port Now at last we'll get to grips with Things they never equip ships with We have sailed into our last resort There's no goldmine in the new world It's a trick to get recruits On the boat to El Dorado We're returning to our roots We're going back to land locked ladies Cortez never let them board All in all the point we've made is We don't want to go abroad two very fine examples of Sixteenth century man Two terra firma samples of Sixteenth, sixteenth century man