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Steal Away Child (Elton John)

Music by Elton John Lyrics by Gary Osborne Steal away child into your dreams Where nothing is ever the way that it seems I gave you your life, you gave me your trust I've no wish to hurt you but hurt you I must Steal away child, turn down your light Steal away into the night Steal away child to the land of the lies Where love lasts forever and hope never dies Sit safe for a place peaceful and calm Where no one and nothing can harm you Steal away child, you'll be alright Steal away into the night Once more goodnight, one last goodbye Trying hard not to show how I'm making what it's taking not to cry Steal away child, sleeping so still Our love is too precious for distance to kill But when you awake, morning has come I won't be the one you turn to I'll do what I must before it gets light I'll steal away into the night Steal away child