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Sweet Painted Lady (Elton John)

Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin I'm back on dry land once again Opportunity awaits me like a rat in the drain We're all hunting honey with money to burn Just a short time to show you the tricks that we've learned If the boys all behave themselves here Well there's pretty young ladies and beer in the rear You won't need a gutter to sleep in tonight Oh the prices I charge here will see you alright So she lays down beside me again My sweet painted lady, the one with no name Many have used her and many still do There's a place in the world for a woman like you Oh sweet painted lady Seems it's always been the same Getting paid for being laid Guess that's the name of the game Forget us we'll have gone very soon Just forget we ever slept in your rooms And we'll leave the smell of the sea in your beds Where love's just a job and nothing is said