The Captain and The Kid (Elton John)

I've been out on this road some Can't help feeling I've been showing my friends around I've seen it growing from next to nothing Into a giant eating up your town Called up the tealeaves and the tarots Asked the gypsy what she sees in the palm of our hands She saw a mountain and wild deer running A crazy kid becoming a better man But we stuck around for the fireworks Waiting to explode Shaped our futures, you a tumbleweed And me on a yellow brick road Pleasing the people some of the time For better or for worse An urban soul in a fine silk Suit And a heart out west in a Wrangler shirt [Chorus:] And you can't go back and if you try it fails Looking up ahead I see a rusty nail A sign hanging from it saying "Truth for sale" And that's what we did No lies at all just one more tale About the Captain and the Kid We've been missing at times in action Can't imagine what he said he might do for you The devil got to come to the party sometimes But he never got to wear our shoes Oh we've conjured up what we created Way back then when I was standing up in six-inch heels Now you're riding off into the sunset And I'm still spinning like a Catherine wheel But we stuck around for the battle Waiting for a plan To turn you into the Brown Dirt Cowboy And me into a rocket man It pleases the people some of the time Digging into our roots But I got a brand new pair of shoes And you're on a horse in old cowboy boots [Chorus 2x]