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The Gods Love Nubia (Elton John)

Music by Elton John Lyrics by Tim Rice Take me in my dreams recurring Cheerful as a childhood dance Into one more taste of freedom One more longing backward glance In the sway of somber music I shall never, never understand Let me slip into the sweeter Chorus of that other land The gods love Nubia, the beautiful, the golden The radiant, the fertile, the gentle and the blessed The pain of Nubia is only of the moment The desolate, the suffering, the plundered, the oppressed The gods love Nubia, the glorious creation The songs roll sweetly across the harvest plain The tears of Nubia, a passing aberration They wash into the river and are never cried again The gods love Nubia, we have to keep believing The scattered and divided, we are still it's heart The fall of Nubia, ephemeral and fleeting The spirit always burning though the flesh is torn apart