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The North Star (Elton John)

Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin You can't always count on the prayers in your sleep But this cold light's still killing me If I pay the ransom Well can they guarantee To split the chains, slip the knots I don't know if they'll ever set you free I just can't rely on all these twisted signs Too many bright lights turn you blind The history of the blues Seems to swim in your eyes Pick yourself up, throw your head back Take a long, long look into the sky Are you out there, are you listening Am I'm coming across to you Is the North Star still shining In the sky outside your room You can listen but they're lying Don't let them tell you What you've always known It's the North Star that's the big one And it's always gonna lead you home Can't always agree on all my dumb ideas I'm still looking for a way out of here You can value what you want But you pay for change There's full moons, cold lifeless nights And tumbled stars spell out your name Close your eyes, take a ride Think of everytime that you missed your opp click your heels, see how it feels Something so childish