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The Power (Elton John)

Duet with Little Richard Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin I have sold myself through and through I have walked in the darkness too Felt a red sun, the living proof Washed my hands in the honest truth I have carried this weight time after time I have bettered the dumb and the blind I've seen dignity fail and colours run Seen justice denied by the voice of a gun And we walk, yes we walk And we walk with the power every day Never letting the light slip away Reaching out, reaching in Touching truth and touching skin Never letting the light slip away And we walk with the power every day If my faith is a fire then burn baby burn We've held fire long enough to learn Heat beneath hope is a healing light Kept alive by the flames of night Walk tall in the power day after day Never, never, never lose sight of the way See the dawn come and the dusk hang See the power rise from an open hand