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Tortured (Elton John)

Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin I'd like to make this song so simple Don't want to hide my feeling under Drawn up words in shades of many colours How can I make them think I am clever By merely saying that I miss you It's just a state they claim I'm going through Don't want you to think that I am weakening Although you know I'm always dreaming Someday you'll be coming home to me Tortured, I've been so tortured by you so many times But you always love the ones that hurt you And I guess those are the ties that bind Tortured by you If I had taken parting easy It might have been a better lesson For all concerned in wars of love and hate How can you swear through words and music The heart you crave and how to move it It's just a beach you washed my body onto Don't want you to know that I an crying Although your friends can see I'm dying Slowly from the knife you left in me Tortured by you Tortured by you