Song for Marcella (neznámý)

D A Hmi Doesn´t seem quite so long ago, G A The last time that I saw you, D A Hmi Ain´t it funny how the memories grow, G A Seems they always fold around you, D A Hmi They tried to break you in a living hell, G A But they couldn´t find a way, D A Hmi So they killed you in a H-Block cell, G A And hoped that all would turn away, D A Hmi Thought that your spirit wouldn´t rise again G A But you dared to prove them wrong, D A Hmi And in death you tore away the chains, G A And let the world hear Freedom´s Song Chorus G A D Yet the heartache and pain linger on, G A They´re still here though its so long since you’ve gone, D Hmi F#mi G But we´re stronger now you showed us how, Emi A D A Freedom’s fight can be won I wish there was an easy road to chose, To bring the heartache to an end, But easy roads are always sure to lose, I´ve seen that time and time again, If you can stand by me like yesterday, I´ll find the strength to carry on, So let your spirit shine along the way, And our day will surely come Repeat Chorus + Emi A G A D If we all stand as one Píseň v McFarlaneho podání používá transpozici v Cdur s kapodastrem na 3. pražci. Byla věnována Bobbymu Sandsovi, jednomu představitelů Hladové stávky, členu IRA. Bobby Sands publikoval některé své básně právě pod pseudonymem Marcella.