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the road (neznámý)

Am C G D D when you walk a thousand miles to see the end of the world Am C G D D you have to deal with all the things that are on the road Am C G ----------------- D (1 2 3) if theres no one there to help you out then you aaare on you're own Chorus: Em C G D D there are no signs to tell you where you haaave to gooo Em C G D D you're destiny is to always juust staay on your rooad Em C G D D never look back at the times that you were scaared or aloone D Em C G DD Am C G DD (scared or alone) Verse 2: Am C G D D the ride is hard if you don't have any one safe and close Am C G D D you have to find a way to hold you're own cours Am C G----------D (1 2 3) and that's when you found the way to the eend of the woorld Chorus: Em there are no signs........ FINISH