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Part One (Band of Horses)

C e|------------------------------ B|-1---------1---3---------3---- G|---0-----0---0---0-----0---0-- D|-----0h2-----------0h2-------- A|-3-------------3-------------- E|------------------------------ E e|------------------------------ B|-0---------0---3-------3------ G|---1-----1---1---1---1---1---- D|-----0h2-----------2---------- A|------------------------------ E|-0-------------0-------------- F e|-------------1- B|-1-------1----- G|---2---2---2--- D|-----3--------- A|--------------- E|-1------------- C C To the bottom, dear, I had to fall E but you really caught me F you really caught me, dear C at the bottom where I'd fallen. C C and slowly, dear, ask would you dance with me E here's the shades down F C the lights off E when I didn't know you F and everything I do C C done badly E now I'll love you always F even when I say C you distract me C C and set out tonight in some strange place E if we have no friends here F well I had a few C to begin with C C to wake next to you in the morning E and good morning to you F how do you do? C a good morning to you E more covers for you F C sleep soundly, dear, 'cause I have to go E yeah I'll love you always F when we leave this place E F and drive back to Carolina E F and down to Savannah and stay