Will You Be There (Vondráčková Helena)

Hold me Like the river Jordan And I will then say to thee You are my friend Carry me Like you are my brother Love me like a mother Will you be there? Weary Tell me will you hold me When wrong, will you skold me When lost will you find me? But they told me A man should be faithful And walk when not able And fight till the end But I'm only human When everyone's taking control of me Seems that the world's Got a role for me I'm so confused Will you show to me You'll be there for me And care enough to bear me /Hold me/ Told me /Lay your head lowly/ Told me /Softly then boldly/ /Carry me there/ I´m only human /Lead me/ Hold me /Love me and feed me/ /Kiss me and free me/ /I will feel blessed/ I´m only Human /Carry me/ Carry me /Carry me boldly/ Cary /Lift me up slowly/ /Carry me there/ I´m only human /Save me/ Gave me /Heal me and bathe me/ Gave me up, gave me up /Softly you say to me/ I will be there /I will be there/ /Lift me/ Lift me /Lift me up slowly/ /Carry me boldly/ /Show me you care/ Show me you care /Hold me/ /Lay your head lowly/ Lay your lowly /Softly then boldly/ Boldly /Carry me there/ Cary me there /Need me/ /Love me and feed me/ Give me up, hold me up /Kiss me and free me/ Gave me up /I will be there/