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One More Freaking Dollar (Kelly Family)

Hey you listen body have you got a dime For a cup of coffe `cause my body feels a kind a cold And i hear the boulevard I now he bered five years old I used to go wacko with my friends We`d do any little thing Just to check in a little cash All i want is one more freaking dollar All all i want is one more freaking dollar And next side they what they need And all my family we wack like do a rich party No when we meet at last for one milting stinky trash Now watch what you`re about to give to me `cause my penns are too short Help me out i know that you can Anything is better then nothing Lucky blue came for the money in my pocket There`s always nothing There but something tells me Someday i`ll be famous I`ll trough andy yeah Hey you listen body Give me what you can Anything baby now Better then nothing oh yeah yeah I`ll give you two dolars ok oh money yeah oh yeah