In The Rapids (Genesis)

B E B A B E B Abm F#sus2 DMaj7 Asus2 Abm F#sus2 DMaj7 The pattern is simple Asus2 Moving down the water Abm John is drifting out of sight F#sus2 It's only at the turning point DMaj7 That you find out how you fight In the cold, feel the cold All around... And the rush of crashing water Surrounds me with its sound It's the same chord progression through the whole short song. The vocals and the band in intensity as the track goes on, but the chords remain the same. Here are the chords tabbed out. Keep in mind, I fingerpick everything I play, so my chords are the simplest ones and may be different from the ones most flat pickers use. If you flat pick, mute the x'd on each chord while strumming or play your barre chords.