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THE SILENCE OF MY HOUSE (Smatanová Zuzana)

Silence, oh Silence please don´t leave our own house ... Comfort, oh Comfort please be thrifty to our house ... Loyalty, oh Loyalty you can be in need of us ... Solace, oh Solace please guard our Silence of house! Thankful I´m thankful to every support which helped us ... Hours and minutes today stopped for us ... I resist, I resist the pressure that´s putin´ on us ... I´m not sure, I´m not sure if I feel the Silence of house ... How can I be dependent of this kin, how can I be insane not to be in contact or without telepathic way! How noble can be that effect of dusty-covered furniture if I observe past-days and than I can see the Silence of house! Mizery, mizery maybe you won´t know rooms of our house ... Esteem, oh esteem you were born into our house ... No letter, no letter in my post-box from the house ... I´m too far, I´m too far to hear the heart of my house ... the Silence of house ... The Silence of my house ...