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The youth of mine (Smatanová Zuzana)

I was born in 1984 the photographer "Mr.Disability" didn´t make my photos when I was child... There wasn´t any forbit, leaving kiss before it I grew up very quickly and "Mrs.School" changed me a lot, but of course in measure Mum, if it weren´t you, I wouldn´t have my character like now, your deliberation taught me the same like you in this tme, you had never allowed my eyes to be sad, and you´ve used to say : "I wish you both were always children"... I noticed little tears in your eyes Mum,if it weren´t for your helping hand I wouldn´t have so absolute feeling of security - thank you for it! Dad, if it weren´t you, I wouldn´t be interested in painting your portraits, they gave me a sense for a feeling illustrations, they teach me a lot... but than I put off my paintbrushes because of you and than you show me my first guitar accords as you can see - repaid it! Dad, if it weren´t you, I wouldn´t have strong embrace of man who doesn´t know allude to our gradual leaving you gave me example, yes you gave me modesty... Mike, do you remember our hiding places? Mum always looked for us till evening in forest, it was so amazing but than you left our world and made ma accustomed to be alone, it was so hard, but then I was younger... Mike, do you remember my first song? you´ve used to say: "Sue, now it´s poor, but you will be better!" Maybe it was way to my objective criticism...thank you for it! you were strict to your little sister and I thank you again for it! All my parents gave me a lot, instincts and my "philosofical meaning", they gave me my gifts and made me be kind... this is the youth of mine! yeah, this is the youth of mine, the youth of mine...