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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Get Up (Vaňková Šárka)

I've been waiting for you baby make up your mind baby, hey baby if you want my loving baby right here right now baby, hey baby boy you got my number make that move why don't ya get up, get up... I can tell you wanna get with me baby just don't be shy about it, hey baby I can see in your eyes that you're crazy for me just like i'm crazy for you, hey baby I can feel my temperature rise whenever you touch me boy RAP: I don't wanna wait i don't wanna wait no more so you gotta make your move or i hit the door I can give you all the love that you need tonight so get up and let's make love all night you got what it takes let's get it on make you feel so good honey all night long get up, get up...