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Bitter Pill (Lennox Annie)

Bitter pill to swallow Slidin' down my throat Bitter pill to swallow How it makes me choke How the hell am I gonna find Happiness and peace of mind When I'm losin' all the time? Yes... bitter Don't you ever call me I don't wanna see your face Don't you dare to call me Don't darken up this place What the hell d'ya expect from me? Emptiness and misery Took it all away ya see Yes... bitter Ooh it means nothin' to me Ooh you mean nothin' to me Ooh it means nothin' to me I paid the price Sacrificed Sacrificed... Bitter pill to swallow How can I abide The taste of rage and anger Burnin' me inside? How the hell Will it ever change? Slowly drivin' me insane Let me cover up this pain Yes... bitter When I'm feelin' low And there's no place to go And I'm on my knees Fallen back down on the floor And I've had enough And the situation's tough And I'm hangin' on By my nails Holdin' on... hopin' I won't fail This is what reality is made of can't You see I'm relatively twisted Laid myself upon you Underneath your feet Laid myself upon you Didn't that look sweet? Finally the truth has come Guess I know it all along Nothing else I could have done Yes ... Bitter Bitter I'm bitter So bitter