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Erased (Lennox Annie)

I'm gonna put it all behind me Like nothing ever happened between us Nothing ever took place between you and me... Yes Nothin' ever happened And if you se me walkin' down the street I won't even recognise you I'll just erase you from my memory Put it all behind me Because you are erased All erased... You'll be sittin' on someone else's couch You'll be eatin' off a stranger's plate Everything is gonna get wiped out Like a new start Like a brand new fresh clean slate Well here I go remembering again All the anger and the blame... People in glass houses shouldn't throw those stones But ... something just flew through my window pane My my my my ... (oh mama did it touch you well?) I'll be in a brand new pair of running shoes And you'll be walking on down different street In a brand new suit and a fresh clean shirt Makin' telephone calls... Keepin' in time with someone else's feet Keepin' in time with someone else's feet