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Lullay Lullay (The Coventry Carol) (Lennox Annie)

Lullay, Thou tiny little Child Bye-bye, lulle, lullay; Lullay, Thou tiny little Child, Bye-bye, lulle, lullay. Oh sisters two, how may we do To preserve this day? This poor Youngling for whom we sing Bye-bye, lulle, lullay. Herod, the King, in his raging, Charged he hath this day His soldiers in their strength and might, All children young to slay. Then woe is me, poor Child, for Thee, And ever mourn and say, For at thy parting nor say nor sing Bye-bye, lulle, lullay. And when the stars ingather do, In their far venture stay, Then smile as dreaming, Little One, Bye-bye, lulle, lullay.