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No Retreat (Space Eater)

Fields outside the mountains are squealing under force Clashes under twilight announce the coming wars Winged abominations send shivers down the spines Countless are the masses that march forward in lines Now is the time for unspoken, sinister past comes awoken Ruins on the river are the first lines of defense Reinforcements needed, withdrawal makes more sense The mighty walls must stand for malevolent attack United in dark hour they\\\'ll be fighting back to back Now is the time for unspoken, sinister past comes awoken This last stand must prevail ´til the end. We are still feeling the fear of defeat. No retreat Passing dreaded tower, gaze of red eye to bear Narrow path will lead them straight into spider´s lair Crawling through the ashes and the weight is getting great Spewing smoke and fire, it is closer to its fate Writing in gross tongues unspoken The flames on the ring still unbroken Fast towards the mind blowing forms Climbing quick nearing the ending complete No retreat