Dogs on the run (Tom Petty)

Well we come with what was on our backs Yeah, when the leaves had died and all turned black Back when the wind was cold and blew them 'round When we laid our blankets on the ground Yeah and I woke up feelin' hungry Lookin' straight into the sun, and left a cold night on the ground Like a dog on the run I fell overboard and washed up on the beach Yes, let waves and sand roll over me I was helped to be home of a young bleached blonde Who said honey I discovered early in life there's ways og getting Anything I want, some of us are different It's just something in our blood, there's no need for explanations We're just dogs on the run The room was painted blue and grey All my meals were served on a silver tray Oh she would laugh, and light my cigaretts She said honey ain't it funny how a crowd gathers around Anyone living life without a net? And how they'll beg you for the answer But it won't ever be enough, there's no way you could ever tell 'em It's just dogs on the run