Finding Out (Tom Petty)

There's something wrong, I can't get my finger on it I must be looking over something Sometimes at night I've had to fight with this emptiness It's been so hard to see, there's something more than this [Chorus:] I'm finding out, baby I'm finging out Yeah it look a little time to get what love was about But honey I'm coming 'round I'm finding out I've had enough of all this hard-core loneliness I don't think pain is so romantic I'm just a working man I feel each day go by I couldn't understand, I was too weak to fight But I'm finding out, I'm finding out It took a little time for me to stand up and shout But honey I'm coming 'round, I'm finding out I have to thank you baby-honey I must confess You have pulled me from this river of loneliness [Chorus]