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Letting You Go (Tom Petty)

I used to think that when this was all over You might feel different 'bout me Yeah I always knew, one day you'd come around Now I wonder if dreams are just dreams [Chorus:] Whoah oh whoah oh oh I'm having trouble Letting you go Baby look out your window, it's raining on your summer home You're by the fire keeping warm and dry There's no one as honest as those in pain Oh honey can't you see me? Will you let me inside? [Chorus] It's a restless world, uncertain times You said hope was getting hard to find But time rolls on, days go by What about the broken ones? What about the lonely ones? Oh honey I'm having trouble letting you go It's off in the distance, somewhere up the road There's some easy answer for the tears you've cried And it makes me uneasy, makes me feel different Do you get scared when you close your eyes? [Chorus]