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The Trip to Pirate's Cove (Tom Petty)

I took my few belongings We headed out to Pirate's Cove In my buddy's old Defender We ran until the gas got low We were flying close to heaven Everything was starting to glow Driving into sunset Rolling 'cause we had to roll I think he was a preacher But lord, I can't recall his name He was running out of wind But talking to me just the same He said five'll get you ten But boy, you've got to stay in the game Yeah, you got to let it ride Or you've only got yourself to blame We lost a wheel in Santa Cruz So we partied with some motel maids My friend said I don't like mine So what do you say we trade She was a part of my heart Now she's just a line in my face They let us go with a warning Said we'd book you, but we don't have a case My friend said take her with you To leave her here would be a crime But let's get outta Santa Cruz All I got is a Canadian dime I got a friend in Mendocino And it's gettin' close to harvest time And she was kinda cute If a little past her prime On the trip to Pirate's Cove On the trip to Pirate's Cove Driving into sunset Driving into sunset