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World Of Prose (Support Lesbiens)

D A C G H C# 1. In paralysis I´m dead on my feet H C# Crawl back home and fall in a heep H C# Told the guard just let me go home A E ´Cause that´s why G H They can take your soul D A R: I´m living in this odyssey C G You´re giving up too scared to breath D A I´m living in this world of prose C G It was lies and I´d like to go 2. In analysis should find me a cure Inside my mind and I´m not as sure Gone so far just tryin´ to get home ´Cause that´s why They will take it all R: I´m living... A *: Until the moment G She stand by me A I´m at the front with the infantry (solo) 3. With catalysis I´m back on my street Back at home just can´t take the heat It´s on the cards, get a hold of your soul ´Cause it´s time Got to take control R: I´m living... *: Until the moment That she stand by me I´m at the front with the infantry