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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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White Rider (Sunrise Avenue)

2x Another night no angel, miracles addresses, rescue indicates! Knowing rumours, I suffer tension, I instantly need aid. Hey lil' princess, don't give up, the white rider, is rushing your way. Not so far away, in the land of drowned sailors, the land of saviours - he left rushing your way. Another night no angel... Hey lil' wonder, don't you cry, the salt in your tears might damage your eyes. Don't forget you'll need them to look down once you fly. The white rider will guide you - high in the sky. Another night no angel... Hey lil' diamond, shine again, let the smile on your face enlighten this land. You have the force in your eyes, have the faith in your hand. Nevertheless my dear - the white rider isn't for rent. Had I ever known how, had I never thought why, had I never met you before, had I never found out, had I ever thought loud, had I ever doubt that there was more, trust me, I would have packed my backpack, I would have tracked your tracks and not sat back, I would have acted in fact and moved ahead, moved your way, climbed the mountains in between us, crossed the forest, fought the demons, every creature that had seen us, I'd asked for the way. Another night no angel...