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Friends (The Police)

I likes to eat my friends And make no bones about it I likes to eat my friends I couldn't do without it Ain't a man or poet, friend I know just how you'll taste Your limbs go sliding down my throat And never go to waste Your death of course, will sadden me Until I grok your essence I know your life was not in vain When digestion is commencing Consider this a celebration And the deepest pact of friends And I hope that you will dine on me When I come to an end Even friends may come to you With a new found revelation But think of it as life renewed And not their termination "To know you is to eat you," Should be the code of lovers Death brings the highest act of love Preserved for one another People say that what you are Is only what you eat And my friends become a part of me Oh it's then that life's complete To know you is to eat you The act of love supreme Each one of us inside himself Can appetise the dream