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Twins Of Evil (The Coffinshakers)

Sensual witches of the black arts Wicked sisters caress your very mind Beautiful twins seduced by the evil count Enthralled by their presence, you don't even fight You shouldn't have looked into their eyes Now you cry out in despair You should have looked in to the mirror You know they weren't there Colours change before your eyes Don't know where the hell you are Hazy views of things you thought were lies Immortality visions from afar You shouldn't have... They're Twins of Evil, don't you know They're bound by vampire lust They're Twins of Evil, can't you see The mark of the devil on her neck They're cursed They will curse you too Their beauty enthralls the village People start to disappear Stay away! Don't be around When you know they're getting near Don't look into their evil eyes Of their kiss you shall beware Look in the mirror, an empty room They've crawled out from their lair They're Twins of Evil...