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You Call It Graveyard (i Call It Home) (The Coffinshakers)

Okay, so you finally realise I'm not like others under this disguise I walk the night, sleep away the day And when I'm out there you'd better make sure to stay away People die, yeah, they always will And sometimes, I admit, I'm the one who kills It is much there is to tell How I came to this world, & how from the grace of God I fell I led a sinful life, and now I'm dead But I rise from the grave when my demons wanna get fed I never mourn, and I don't regret I'm evil, and be sure that you haven't seen nothin' yet Yeah, what you call a Graveyard I call Home You better move away or you will get burned Yeah, stay away, here's a lesson to be learned Just get out of my way or you will burn Yeah, stay away or burn Well, I won't bore you with more details It's time to get down to business and rip out your entrails Don't agree? I'm not surprised But to fight me is useless, as you soon will realise It's all in vain, I'm used to pain Your pitiful resistance becomes me no more than the rain Now you've seen my eyes, can't break the spell You've just started a long and strifeful journey to Hell A voyage you could do without, I'm sure But I promise you that in the end you'll end up more mature You're not the first, yeah, I could tell I've sent my share of souls to the bowels of Hell And what you now call a Graveyard You soon will call your Home You better...