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Heal Me (Lior)

Why do we turn our backs on each other Are we not strong enough We can't heal our wounds So we'll bleed in the dark How many times have we broken down On this tired and familiar road Cos we never stop To figure out what's wrong Heal me Love is a roof made out of leaves And I'll bask in your shade But all shelter is lost When it rains Skip in the puddles know where to move Drops become a lake Stranded in your garden I can't find the gate Heal me So no more dragging each other through the mud oh Been keeping score for much too long Trying to see which one of us is wrong We build a city of steel Looking at a pink sky above You said you want to catch the sunset While we're still in love Well I don't wanna look at these structures and feel nothing but terrified I don't ever wanna forget why we tried Heal me