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R.I.P. Everyone (JJ Demon)

[Chorus:] We're saying RIP to everyone we know Our glass is now half empty But the tears will overflow And still we're screaming RIP to everyone we love Is everyone below us mad at everyone above? This is the valley where animals live Stress is like wind to a man on a bridge Stand on the edge with the city below Below the city it's 60 below Is he alone? Is he a shadow? And will he be home in his moment of battle? He's roaming, a vandal No roman candles lit on the night that he died Might it be I Should've been there in his place Scared as I stare in the face of his mother In case I discover the fear in the fate My brother, I sent another prayer into space Rest in peace to Prince and Thief, too Can we speak to ghosts? [Chorus] Cold is the hand on the angel of death Drawing you to its embrace From a caress Proceeding to strangle your neck Falling into and from grace This is your fate Stare in the eyes of your sin Every morning before you begin Who are your family? Who are your friends? Lost in the comfort of needles and pins Tommy was itchin' The fix in the kitchen He made his decision He wanted to scratch Chasing the dragon But facing the dragon Is not really something He wanted to catch But he finally did I wonder Did he try to repent? As life slipped from his eyes Scratching [Chorus] We still love you We will miss you We still love you Is it blissful? We still love you We will miss you We still love you Is it bliss? Eric, My cousin I call to your spirit! Answer! I know you can hear it! I conjure your soul with these lyrics! Manifest some kind of appearance! Scare us I don't even care It's better then just wondering Where it was that you were carried I helped carry you physically to be buried But the rest, every individual varies [Chorus]