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Cross Of Flowers (Foucault Jeffrey)

There's a cross of flowers at the roadside Where some fool bought it two years back There's an orchard gone to hell Beside a burned out one room shack There's a thousand sparrows falling In a thousand shades of black I'm coming home There's a steeple on the skyline Like a single iron nail There's a windmill doing nothing And a low moan on the rails Where the coal train takes the corner And the light begins to fail I'm coming home I'm coming home There's a red barn in the half light And a white frost on the shade And in the bars down off the main drag They're drinking down what they got paid And I wonder in all my leaving If I ever could have stayed I'm coming home There's a junked out car in the tall grass It ain't ever gonna sell And Jimmy's raising daughters And Jack's out raising hell And I always said I loved you I never said I loved you well I'm coming home I'm coming home I'm coming home