Pearl Handled Pistol (Foucault Jeffrey)

That old one-trick pony Sat down in the dust He pawed the air The gunshots died away The sun was red as rust It was red as rust General G.A. Custer He was a mighty handsome man He loved dogs and children He loved the military band The military band Chorus: Well the vaudeville tramps and churchbell tollers Harlequins and holy rollers Lay their nickel down to raise the dead With a tune sung low and wistful And a pearl handled pistol And a mirror hung up above the bed Hung up above the bed Buffalo Bill he said good-bye to the boys Said they're spilling blood And taking scalps And making a joyful noise Make a joyful noise He said I'm off to fight the Indians And take a little off the top When I get home we'll all dress up And ride around the old big top Around the old big top Chorus Sitting Bull was sitting In his cabin all alone And the cops they come to fetch him out They could not leave him alone Just leave him alone And that old one-trick pony He sat down in the dust And he danced for the ghost of Sitting Bull Because baby the show must go on The show must go on