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Map Of The World (Monsters of Folk)

There's a map of the world on the wall of the room Green pins where you want to go White pins where you've been There isn't even ten And you're already feeling old Pretty faces stare back from the magazine stack That you read when you're feeling bored Look through telescope lens that doesn't make sense You think you've been there before Some far of feelings, some up-close kind of ache Widescreen reason to look the other way There's a place by a lake that you go when it's late The summer and the crowds are gone And you sit all alone, with your thoughts getting stoned Just waiting for some peace to come Like the thing that you tried that you thought that you liked For a minute, then it all felt wrong So you're changing again, all your clothes, all you're friends It's the same as it ever was That far of feelings, that up-close kind of ache Some widescreen reason to look the other way It's the road that you paved over Indian graves And you wonder why your dreams are crazed So you cling to your wife, your kids and your life It’s nothing that you're gonna save Put the razor to your face, hot water for a shave Kill the shadow of yesterday Clean shirt, clean pants, clean sleeve, second chance You're going by another name Some far of feelings, up-close kind of ache That instant karma, always comes to late