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Temazcal (Monsters of Folk)

putting on my power, righteous as a rose dynamite the mountain, now i'm walking up the road the love we made at gunpoint wasn't love at all the dancing in the valley, the moons is the mirrored ball blew open my mind, now it's an empty room swinging in the hammock, dogs are walking across the roof i watch you braid your hair, you're from another time when the earth wasn't so angry and god was on our side searching west and east and all points in-between underneath the lines of thought you're there and then you're not the mayans stole tomorrow, hid it underground we come with heavy magnets but it still hasn't been found i'm sweating out my secrets in the temazcal they're screaming in the calle that there are stars about to fall looking through the trees cities and the seas things we've seen ovnis on the lawn they're there and then they're gone there and then they're gone searching west and east all points in between and underneath the hand of god you're there and then you're not