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From His Woman To You (Mason Barbara)

"Hello Barbara, this is Shirley I would like you to know that the man... Now wait a minute Shirley I'm a young woman And can't afford to all the things you do for this man I don't even have A job And I can't buy his clothes, pay his car notes And I surely can't keep money in his pocket But I can give him what he needs, when he needs it And that's all he expects from me" I can give him love From his woman to you There is a thing or two I'd like to say I don't care who claims this man I'm gonna love him in a way... Woman to woman He spent last night with me Stayed here cause this is where he wanted to be From his woman to you I've got to make it Just play as I can Seems to me you're doing to much for the man From his woman to you That you begging loving It's giving up yourself And I feel sorry for you, I feel sorry for you I don't mind sharing If you don't bother me I won't bother you From his woman to you I don't know what you're gonna, gonna do But he is giving to me What he is getting from you Woman to woman That's the truth From his woman to you Seems like you're the fool I;m his only woman And I love him And I ain't about to give him up I'm his only woman, woman to woman I just want to let you know That I ain't gonna never, never let him go Woman to woman, I'm his only woman