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The Beast Within (Torture Squad)

Look inside the mirror And tell me what you see A beast within screaming Into your mind, it wants to get free You're locked in your addictions Bad thoughts leave you ill Schizophrenia is ruling And turning your life unreal Hear...voices are calling you're really under my spell Uncontrollable wish to surrender To this strange purple haze Desire for loss of control Hallucinations open the gates You're deaf to my advice A bad person is possessing you Under that confusing mind You hit the roof Hear...voices are calling you're really under my spell Feel...chaos makes you insane stop your confused inner self! Self! Feeling my heart exploding in critical palpitations Like sand in the hourglass my life is draining To the end Under the effects of addiction, sanity is gone Please... For your security I'm warning you Leave me alone! Alone!