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The Host (Torture Squad)

Maledictions, bad intentions, malpractice of the greys Mortal virus inside of us, proposital decay Human victims used to feed the alien embryo Savage desire, born to torture, they live to kill The host! We are condemned! The host! Arisin' insane! Into the body, he waits quietly the time of the birth Start to grow, so slow, gainning shape and girth In few time, the host dies givin' your place Spreading pain, you are slain, here comes the disgrace Open your ears an listen to the sound Spreading a new diseases Disciples in service of an unknown force Danger to increase From another space, watching your faces Dominion through the fear Watching you and what you do Nothing is so clear These men in black, comprehension's your lack Hide your existence Everyday... what they say Is pure ignorance In Dreamland, I don't understand They test without care! Behind of the hills, landscape is so still But the truth is out there Killing your victims, evil instinct, hate's your desire Unknown creature, another structure, hard to decipher See the death, the last breath, there's no place to hide Beware my friend, there's an alien, by your side