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Towers On Fire (Torture Squad)

In the world I'm living Hell's in front of my eyes Ignorance stands to burn the reasons of mankind Black flames of pure insanity From the sky will come the truth A threat reveals to the world: power in the hands of fools Screams of panic in the building on fire Slaves of faith against the beast's empire And the flames consuming higher and higher: Critical time in the dawn of a new day Bound new era by the evil's way Where is peace? It's gone away! Towers on fire! Diabolical forces ruling From the acts of human race This kind of situation finishes in disgrace Blind by faith and hate An unruly wish to kill Across the times this same shit comes to spill Hopeless people walking around A cloud of dust and terrible sounds The burning tower is falling to the ground The world's watching: while you die Death embraces you! You can't deny I'm not guilty for you folly fight Towers on fire! Innocent people had paid with their lives They were used in their ominous fight For all that you saw, you can't deny Awful thoughts unleashing hate Leaving the world at the edge of hell's gate The wheels of doom continue their way Unveiling the facts: prepare to pray Time is over and the sky is so grey! Page of blood! Terrorism condition The world walks to the last premonition: death!