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Orifice Origami (Reptar)

Something's not right here What is it missing? Gold under pebbles, throw it away I was the last one pondering, caught up in the revel Pellucid in disarray Stacked under water It's like the backgrounds lost So I don't know where we started Thumb said I am running away, I was raised to stick around, and be a fool This way Addy wrote verses that blew my mind They were folding wandering all the time The last of them roses burning away It's a sophisticated process you just can't bottle, ok? When I was one Something's not right here What is it missing? Reacting the same but we don't know what the facts say We take our medicine at night I can't control it, what do I do? Stay in the background, run around and try to console you Suddenly what can I say? Through the pillow my head reaches an appalling state Do you remember the doctor's name? No, it's going to be a long night anyway